Prepared for Back to School

Community ReadyKids

It’s about that time where a lot of families are getting ready to send their children to school. While we, as parents, are usually pretty good about sending our children off to school prepared for the day, we also need to make sure that our kids are prepared for an emergency as well. Most of their daytime hours are spent at school and away from home where we can’t be prepared for them.

What you should know about Youth Preparedness

  • Ensure children are included in preparedness conversations
  • Learn the building block of preparedness - Be Informed, Make a Plan, Build a Kit and Get Involved
  • Know the emergency plan for your child's school and child care facility
  • Practice evacuation plans and other emergency procedures with children on a regular basis
  • Learn different ways to help children cope during and after an emergency
  • Make sure children have emergency contacts memorized or written down in a secure place
  • Teach kids when and how to call important phone numbers like 911

Check out where you can find a lot of great information to help your family feel safer.